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Buy Furosemide

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The Chair stated that the next order of the program was an address on the opium question, by Dr. Hamilton Wright, Acting Chairman of the United States on the International Opium Commission, whose meeting is to be held at Shanghai, China, next January. He said Dr. Wright had written a letter to the President of the Association on August loth, stating that he would certainly be present if possible, and if not, he would send a statement as to the status of the opium question in this country at the present time. But on August 27th he had written again stating that it did not seem possible for him to attend the meeting at Hot Springs, bat lie would take Buy Furosemide pleasure in addressing a letter on the subject of Opium in the United States and the object of the International Opium Commission,, which he would be glad to have brought to the attention of the Associa- tion. The Chair stated that the letter in Buy Furosemide question had not arrived how- ever, and that matter Buy Furosemide would have to be laid over for the present. The Chair then called for a paper on The Importation of Opium, by- Mr. Henry P. Hynson, of Baltimore. Mr. Hynson said that Buy Furosemide his paper was intended simply to be supplemen- tary to the paper of Dr. Wright. He then proceeded to explain some of the work he had done in connection with the policy of the public press in Baltimore to publish health bulletins in the Sunday papers upon such sub- jects as Lockjaw, Food of Infants, Typhoid, etc., and stated that he had used some of the data thus collected in this paper. He then proceeded to read his paper as follows : IMPORTATION OF OPIUM, COCA AND THEIR CHIEF ALKALOIDS. HENRY P. HYNSON, BALTIMORE. Because of the fact that all of these drugs, either in crude form or as separated alkaloids, used in this country are imported, these figures may be relied upon to throw light upon existing conditions. The tabulation submitted by the Committee on the Acquirement of the Drug Habit in 1902, is here reproduced with more complete totals and a similar arrangement for the succeeding five years is offered for the ad- ditional facts it carries and also for the purpose of comparison. The dia- gram is graphic and needs no comment to make it variously Buy Furosemide interesting and instructive. All these figures were generously supplied by our efficient Bureau of Statistics at Washington, through the courtesy of the Chief and Acting Chief. Of course, the quantity reports are more reliable, but, unfortunately^ these apply to the importations of opium and morphine only. Values are not so helpful in showing exact changes, excepting when one acquaints himself with the current prices during the several periods. Digitized by Google IMPORTATION OF OPIUM, COCA AND THEIR CHIEF ALKALOIDS. 641 v> , trt o . ' I ' I i ' i oju *^ ! ! ** ** p: I R I S m . ? I 1 i It I i a-s 9, t i.5,l|||ili|'5i& I . |. I I I I II ^1 1 M **
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